Hey there adventurers and vagabonds,

I’ve been easy-baking a few intense life decisions around in my head lately, the largest and messiest of which is my decision to move back to Indiana and get an illustration degree. I’ve mulled over this subject for nearly two months now, finally steeling myself to accept an abrupt and jarring relocation.

I’ve dealt with this issue before when I moved to Texas nearly a year ago. It’s rough relocating, adapting to unfamiliar climate, striving to find likeminded company, and building friendships. Luckily, moving back to Indiana will be easier, I can’t wait to rediscover Indianapolis. I have old friends to support me and collaborate with artistically.

This move/readjusting to Indiana may put a few delays in Misuse of Mana production but nothing I can’t handle. Thanks so much for keeping up with the site everyone.