Greetings travelers and adventures, long time no talk. I’ve been exploring here in Indiana for a while going house hunting and life learning since May now. Things are getting good and coming along nicely for me. I’m taking a summer course and cultivating my art skills.

I’ve been so busy lately my overflow of comics from my time spent in Austin has caught up with me. This is good and bad. Good news first.

I’m forced back into the game and my artistic skills and interests have skyrocketed since a few months ago. I’m working on producing even better comics and better visuals.

Bad news, this means a severe lack of updates from me for a while. I promise I’m not gone or giving up, far from it actually. I’m just taking a little time to catch up so I can bring more weekly updates you your beautiful faces. Thanks for supporting me as always and be good out there.

If you want to see Misuse of Mana get back on track sooner why not pop on over to my REAL COOL PATREON PAGE and throw some gold coins my way the more you all fund my goals the more time I’ll have for my art and consequently I’ll be able to bring the content to you faster!

If Patreon isn’t your thing and you want to tell me I should keep doing Misuse of Mana as positive encouragement then send me an email at sean@misuseofmana.com and I’ll email you back even!

I am also always open for commission work which can also be sent to my email address above. Just tell me what to draw and I’ll tell you how much I would charge and we can go from there.

Thanks everyone,