Good day adventurers and quest bearers,

I wanted to drop in and say that Chapter Two of Misuse of Mana is under development. It has been a wild ride working on the first part of the adventures of Ferrin but the team is finally together now. Bulf and Rus are hungry for gold, and Ferrin has no idea what she’s gotten herself into.

Chapter Two is going to take some time for me to release. I’ve been thinking for a while and I want to provide the best quality work I can towards Misuse of Mana. Quality is certainly going to take precedent over quantity for the second chapter as I plan on not releasing pages until they are up to par in my eyes. I’m changing the style and feeling of the comic from what it’s grown into and I think you’re all going to like it. Make sure you keep up to date with my drawings and little ideas over at my instagram and if you’d like to fund my goal to spend more time on my comic and less time working at my moneymaker job then head over to my patreon and throw me a bone or two.