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In a land named Amara, magic is known as Imber. Imber blankets all of Amara, it flows and breaths in every person, growing strong in some and hiding weakly in others. Imber is unpredictable, and sporadic. Without constant upkeep and attention it would grow out of control and destroy the world. Rense, a man titled King of Amara, keep Imber in check by filtering its division among his subjects. 

Amara is a land of monsters, danger, and excitement where the most rewarding lives are built on adventure. A young Amaran woman, named Ferrin, grows up sheltered within the walls of a grand library called the Archives. When a summons from King Rense himself arrives addressed to her, she is promoted from scribe to mage and leaves behind the life she knows, taking nothing but some coins, a blade, and a birthgiven, Imber channeling flame. King Rense has high hopes for Ferrin, admitting her into his Royal Coterie, a group of adventurers dedicated to keeping the King’s Ember (the filter of all Imber) aflame.  The Kings Coterie, aptly named “The Kingsworn” pacify the ever growing threat of Imber turning wild and destroying all in its path. The Kingsworn work together to eradicate all monsters from Amara, taking requests from King Rense in an effort to cleanse Amara.

The King informs Ferrin she will be working with a man as tall as the sky and a varlet shroud in green.Together these three overcome monster dens, ancient curses, and inner conflict while they struggle to grow and learn from each other in this webcomic “Misuse of Mana.”




A rouge by trade, Russal has a hoarding issue, often sacrificing stealth for wealth. His mind is burdened by greed so severely he stays awake at night thinking about riches and material possessions. His insomnia lends to his tired appearance and thuggish lifestyle, and his small build forces him to rely on cheating and lying to defeat foes and win negotiations. More often than not, his preoccupied mind causes his lies to be convoluted and unbelievable. Russal doesn’t talk about having family, his shady nature leaves his backstory mostly a mystery. He is however proudly outspoken about his possessions, bragging to anyone who will listen. Russal’s favorite food is a shepherds pie from his favorite tavern The Dripping Candle.



Ferrin wouldn’t say so herself, yet in the eyes of her friends she has a magical air about her. She struggles with dyslexia and attention deficit disorder making studying magics and practicing spells overwhelmingly difficult. Ferrin has a natural affinity for magic, but her doubt in herself gets in the way of her magical growth. Ferrin grew up under the watchful eye of three Grand Sages anointed by the king of Amara. They tried fruitlessly to train her into a mage for much of her adult life without success until ultimately allowing her to graduate and learn through self experience. Ferrin likes spicy foods, like curries and peppers.



Bulf is a tower of a man. He is built like a gorilla and twice as strong, though when it comes to his mental fortitude he is easy to break. He doesn’t handle insult well and would suffer fate worse than death for his friends. Bulf deals with constant anxiety about letting down those he cares for, making him cautious and hard to comfort. Bulf grew up in a small village outside the walls of Amara, called Galmic. He trained as a warrior during his childhood with many other boys, until he left his village to seek out the king. Bulf often carries a small pouch of snacks and eats them periodically to keep his massive hunger under control. Bulf loves jerkies and dried foods.


Sean Yager (sometimes pronounced “shin” or “shen”) was born in 1993 in Illinois and promptly helicopter med-evac’d to Chicago for super-rad baby resuscitation. Thanks to advanced science in the 90’s and dark magics they replaced his heart with a old wizards amulet and now he’s stronger than ever.  Fast forward past an entirely normal and cherished upbringing in Indiana, Sean is now a man-child scrambling around in Downtown Indianapolis makin’ comics, drawing Varangian lizard-folk, and sometimes strangers at coffee shops. Along with some of his favorite people he runs a small artist collective and studio space called “The Oilwick”.


I update “Misuse of Mana” on the homepage most Wednesdays. If that’s not enough I do some serious doodling and lunch break sketches, which I post to my Instagram account almost daily to keep myself from creative withdrawal.


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