A zine about magical and fantastic creatures

doing regular everyday things.

24 submissions slots currently available as of April 14



This is a not for profit project I started midway through January of 2015 with the goblin gardener pictured above. I’m looking for other artists to do illustrations of humanoid fantasy-esque creatures doing day to day activities that we wouldn’t really consider them to be involved in. That’s a really lax scope though and ultimately I just want people to be creative and put it all together in a cheap little book. Hopefully we raise some money to donate to charity or put back into a second run of the zine. All artists involved will be listed underneath their included artwork with a link to a personal website of their choosing.

Send your submissions to me via the email below:

sean (at) misuseofmana (dot) com

Image format guidelines below:
– Preferably CMYK format at A5 size 300dpi for digital work
– Include your name as you’d like it to appear in the zine and a personal portfolio link